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What is conscious business?

In business, we are often so focused on what we are doing, we sometimes lose sight of why we are here, and pay less attention to how we get things done. When we feel rushed and overwhelmed, we lose our sense of satisfaction, even if we are meeting our targets.

True business fulfilment occurs when we regain balance between the what, why and how. Communication becomes easier, we make better decisions, new opportunities arise, and prosperity flows.

We will empower you and your team to restore this balance and reignite your passion and creativity.

We will teach you the power of making business personal, helping you to gain fresh perspectives and self-awareness, so you can step into a new space of mastery.

It all starts with you. You have the power to expand beyond yourself and share your renewed and refocused energy with your staff, customers and community.

Why change?

Business owners, entrepreneurs and visionaries, wherever you are on your journey you will probably be feeling the rapid pace of change all around you. The world is faster than ever before, more intense, more stressful, and increasingly disconnected. Welcome to the age of technology and information overload!

Can you survive and will you thrive?

The key to success in these modern times is learning how to understand these changes so we can master how to respond with emotional intelligence, compassion and focus.

By aligning our energies, we come together as a unified team and produce game-changing results. We learn how to constantly impress our customers, inspire our competitors and make a remarkable impact on our communities.

If you can win over your mind, you can win over the whole world

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Our aim is to create healthy, happy, wealthy businesses

Our conscious business programmes

Project Unity

Our 1 day Conscious
Team Building workshop

Learn how to unite as a conscious business. During this workshop we will empower you and your team to master your individual strengths, overcome challenges, and work together towards a united vision and purpose.

FOR: Businesses wanting to strengthen team dynamics or achieve greater organisational alignment. 

Project Elevate

A 3 day Conscious Business programme to empower your business to adapt, grow & find happiness in our new world.

We will help your organisation learn how to thrive in our fast-paced ever-changing world. Learn how to reconnect with your purpose, realign to your vision and achieve sustainable prosperity for all.

FOR: Businesses wanting to become the happy, healthy and prosperous game-changers of the future. 

Project Flow

Our 1 Day Conscious Business Fundamentals open group workshop

Learn how to manage stress, cultivate win/win relationships, and reconnect with your passion and purpose. Our aim is to empower you to develop a business where you and all of your stakeholders feel happy, healthy and wealthy.

FOR: Entrepreneurs and business directors who want to lead and achieve growth with integrity, pride and purpose.

Project Unity

During this 1 day workshop all course participants will: –

Experience and learn Elevate’s Wake Up ritual

Explore the benefits of daily practice and conscious habit formation

Identify your unique gifts and discover those of your colleagues

Uncover personal blocks and learn how to overcome these

Develop strategies for how to manage stress in the workplace

Master conscious communication

Reconnect to your company purpose and develop ideas on how you will contribute to achieving this

Who, where, how much?

This course is designed for teams of up to 15 people

It can be held at one of our workshop venues in Ibiza. Or, if you are elsewhere in Europe, we are happy to to hold the workshop at your company premises or a site nearby.

Prices start from €1100 for up to 10 people. Additional attendees are €110 per person.

Prices include a light lunch and snacks, but exclude venue hire and travel costs.

Project Elevate

During this 3 day masterclass we will teach you:-

To understand how to bridge the gap between personal development and business

Conscious leadership and communication skills

To master the mind and improve your intuition

To reconnect with your purpose and vision

How to manage stress and manage your energy system

How to reconnect with your creative potential

How to achieve a sustainable life/ work balance

You’ll also leave with the tools and know-how to implement these positive changes on an ongoing basis.

 Day 1  – Magnetic Mastery

Owners, Directors and Team Leaders

We will spend the day digging deep to reawaken the magnetic leader inside of you so that you feel empowered to lead your business consciously.


Day 2  – The Creative Collective


We will empower your employees to feel valued, re-energised and inspired to love what they do. They’ll spend the day developing their ‘personal brands’ and learning how to release their creative potential in a way that contributes positively to your business.


Day 3  – Living Your Purpose


This is the day the whole team unites by sharing their renewed passion and focus. You’ll review and refine your company purpose and then use your insights and reawakened energy to co-create ideas for how you can elevate your internal culture and the lives of your customers and communities.


Who, where, how much?

This course is designed for business owners, directors, team leaders and staff. Ideally, Day 1 needs at least 3-4 owners/directors, and for Day 2 we can cater for between 3-20 of your employees. For Day 3 we can accommodate your united team of up to 30 people.

It can be held at one of our workshop venues in Ibiza. Or, if you are elsewhere in Europe, we are happy to to hold the workshop at your company premises or a site nearby.

Prices start from €2500 for up to 10 people (across the three days). Additional attendees are €250 per person.

Prices include a light lunch and snacks each day, but exclude venue hire and any required travel or accommodation costs.

Project Flow

In this workshop, we invite directors and entrepreneurs to come together to learn the fundamentals of conscious business.

Experience and learn Elevate’s wakeup ritual

Learn breathing and meditation techniques for managing stress

Master conscious communication so you can develop win/win relationships with your team and stakeholders

Learn the principles of conscious leadership

Reconnect with your passion and purpose. Develop ideas for how to inspire and align your team to truly live this purpose

Workshops are held in Ibiza.

Price: €100 per person (including a light lunch and snacks)

Dates: to be confirmed. Please register interest using our form below.


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